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Powerful Educators critique and learn from multiple views of the world!

Who are you learning with?

PMA strives to bring a range of Maths Educators voices to SA each year to influence and generate debate about the learning and teaching of Mathematics.

Who would you like to see more of in 2023?

Thelma Perso, Dr Shelley Dole,

Andrea Dineen, Michael Ymer,

Charles Lovitt, Peter Sullivan....

Let us know by emailing us at

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Professional Learning


Parent Workshops on mathematics and/or other aspects of the Australian curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework

Learner Workshops on the Australian curriculum and/or learning

Learner Activities including the annual Mathematics Challenge

Helpline for members to get assistance with individual issues / questions

We provide a range of professional learning services for

Educators, Leaders and Parents. These include:

Proactive and Reactive Professional Learning Events

(multi-session courses, one day / half day workshops, after school/

evening / Saturday workshops/ holiday conferences / curriculum

dinners / group & individual mentoring)

Consultancy Service

(where sites / partnerships and clusters / regions can access specific &

targeted professional learning)

Regular Publications

(PMA news updates, Insights journals, online communities)


We provide several types of consultancy services:

Full Day PL Session

Members- $ 950 + GST and copying

Non-Members - $ 1250 + GST and copying

Half Day PL Session

Members - $ 650 + GST and copying

Non-Members - $ 850 + GST and copying

Staff Meeting Session

Members - $ 400 + GST and copying

Non-Members - $ 590 + GST and copying

Parent Session

Members - $ 150 + GST and copying

Non-Members -$ 350 + GST and copying


by negotiation for members

usually $ 790 + GST per day

If you are interested in any of these types of consultancy,

please click here to email us with your request.

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