About PMA

Our Vision

That the PRIMARY MATHEMATICS ASSOCIATION is the vehicle for promoting and developing primary mathematics and numeracy education (early years to middle years) in South Australia.

Our Mission

To promote excellence in the learning and teaching of Mathematics and Numeracy

Our Objectives

to act as a voice for mathematics and numeracy education by representing the views of members in a variety of forums

to provide opportunities for educators to share and challenge their knowledge and understanding

to promote the importance of mathematics and numeracy in the wider community

to produce a range of publications and provide access to a comprehensive professional learning programme to promote effective practice and highlight issues and developments

to liaise with education systems and national organisations to inform and contribute to mathematics and numeracy education

to provide models of effective educator practice

to encourage children and young people to participate in mathematics and numeracy

"Congratulations to PMA's Award Winners at the Educators SA World Teachers Day event"

Laura Toland and Andy Thomas - Northfield PS

"Early Career Mathematics Educator of the Year"

Helping our SA children become the best mathematicans they can be!