Professional Learning Programme

 Preschool Series

PMA Powerful Learners Mathematics and Numeracy Challenge

Presenter:  PMA Committee

Preschool session:  TBA

R-7 session:  TBA

Venue:   Education Development Centre, 4 Milner Street, Hindmarsh

                                FREE session to all Educators

This session addresses the Australian Professional Learning Standards for Teachers: 2.1, 2.2, 6.2, 7.4 

Enrolments close 3 days prior, 5pm


Preschool Maths Meet

Targeted Audience:  PMA Educators

Date:  TBA


Time:    4.00pm to 5.00pm

Venue:   Online via Zoom

Members Cost:

Free to all PMA members

This session addresses the following focus areas of the Australian Professional Learning Standards for Teachers: 2.1, 6.2, 7.4

Enrolments close 3 days prior, 5pm

To Book in:   Email your name, site and mobile number to Deb at the email address below to register - 

Professional Learning Conversations -

What do you need and want to learn ?

The following topics are possible suggestions for Preschool PL ON DEMAND - available through ZOOm

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for more info

- Getting Started with Mathematics and Numeracy

- Knowing the Mathematics Matters in Preschool

- Developing Mathematical Play Provocations

- Exploring Size in Preschool

- Developing Number Sense in the Preschool Setting

- Using the environment as your Mathematical 3rd teacher

- Mathematising our playspaces through the lens of the indicators 

   of Numeracy

- Exploring data in the Preschool Setting

- Why subitising is not enough!

- Spatial Sense matters