Professional Learning Programme

Mentoring Sessions

Hi PMA Members
Did you know you can get personalized mentoring as part of your PMA membership?
You can organize it for you as an individual or for your team.
Some members do it after hours or during their NIT/Non-contact or anytime that suits!
It can be done face to face or through an online Zoom meeting..
Mentoring service fees are:
  • $40.00 = GST per hour online (for 1 person or a team)
  • $50.00 + GST for a 1 hr face to face (for 1 person or a team)​​
Remember you could also choose to use your PMA PL free place (one a term) to access this service​​.
We look forward to working with you!
To book a time, email 
PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available to current members.
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