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PMA Members - become a PL Host now!!

As a PMA member, you can act as a "PL host" and reap the benefits of an on-site learning opportunity!


  You as a PL host.....                                                       PMA provides...

    -    Choose which PL you want to host                           -  The presenter

    -    Negotiate a date and time with PMA                        -   Catering

    -    Provide a learning space                                           -   Advertising to the other sites 

    -    Provide tea/coffee                                                          in your local area

    -    Access up to three FREE spots at the

         professional learning event

    -   Other places at the discounted member rate


Country and Metro members are welcome to act as PL hosts


            Check out this list of professional learning

                 you can have offered at your site...       

Ring Deb on 8182 3288 for more info

If there are specific learning and teaching challenges that could be resolved by "associating" with your colleagues,

let us know by emailing